Integration solutions

Often an Intranet requires to integrate different systems of different departments inside an organisation.


We have integrated different products by configuring hybrid environments and developing custom connectors to make it possible.

Microsoft CRM to SharePoint

Developed a gateway to communicate SharePoint with CRM Online email invitations.

Edumate to SharePoint

Integrated Edumate through a custom connector surfacing timetable and student's reports on SharePoint Portal.

SharePoint to MYOB

Developed a connector that extract invoices created on SharePoint on Office 365 to MYOB for payment process.

SharePoint to iContact

Developed a newsletter builder which connects to iContact to distribute the emails.

SharePoint to SendGrid

Setup an SharePoint environment to send emails via SendGrid

Easy Employer to SharePoint Online

Developed a SharePoint App on Office 365 to import the shifts from easy employer rostering feature.

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