How will you grow?

3 ideas to grow your business
Today we're looking at growth .... of yourself .... your co-workers .... and your business, in that order

Everything around us in nature is growing with the burst of energy that spring brings. It's a predicatable cycle. If only business was that easy to re-energize, but it isn't. There are some things you can do to re-charge yourself and your workplace this spring. Here are some ideas.

Feedback & surveys

To grow effectively you need to know where you're starting from, and to find this out you need to ask other people. One simple question will get you started "How can I improve?". For a more comprehensive view, our platform can be used to collect feedback in a multitude of different ways, from surveys, to website links to buttons in your email signatures all with a range of templates to suit your situation. As organisations move away from annual performance reviews to continous feedback we have everything you'll need to change the way you achieve peak perfromance. If you are responsible for a team, when did you last coach them and support them to achieve more? An agile performance management platform such as Pay Compliment is one way to develop a high performance team.


Think about the most mind numbing things you do and automate them. This will free your time and your mind to do things that are more valuable. Automation technology is now at a cost effective price point. Some examples of everyday automation are

  • Document assembly - to produce proposals, board reports, contracts, quotes, inspection reports, and so on, all at the touch of a button, dispatch them, and file copies in client folders.

  • Reminders and notifications - to chase up events like contract signatures, invoice payments, renewals, status reports, roster changes

  • Self-service and approvals - to auto-approve and exception handle requests that require management approval, based on thresholds and rules

  • Compliance management - to monitor compliance to regulations and certifications that apply to your industries

  • ....... and anything else that takes up significant time, and follows rules rather than human intuition

Flow is an automation tool that's been recently added to Office365, and so you could already be paying for the automation tool you need and not using it!


Work is an activity not a place. If your work binds you to a desk, you might be doing it wrong and this might be limiting your creativity. With powerful mobile devices, ubiquitous wifi, modern telephony, and cloud storage for data there is really no need to restrict where work gets done. Working from home is found by many people to be the only place to escape the M&M's (that's managers and meetings) that interrupt their train of thought and focus in the office environment. Aspects of security and information protection need to be taken care of and all the defences against viruses and scams put into place. These should not become excuses for preventing mobility but if you are offering it, you are highly likely not to be as well protected as you need to be. We have solutions for the essential 4 layers of security your mobile workforce need and alliances with a Secutiry Operations Centre that can proactively monitor your business to detect and protect against threats.

Customer Engagement

Of course business growth comes from new and existing customers. What are you doing to systematically create and capture demand, upsell and prevent customer churn? Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can help manage this, but it used to be expensive and complex, so too many businesses don't have CRM and are missing out on the benefits. Take another look. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is now available for as little as $50 per user per month. We've recently renewed our Microsoft partnership for the 8th year, become a Cloud Solutions Partner so that you can purchase directly from us subscriptions like Office365, Dynamics CRM and a range of other solutions, and we've become partners of Click Dimensions that makes reaching your customers and measuring impact and marketing ROI straightforward.

Do nothing.

Doing nothing with these ideas is the easiest option for you now. It's instant and free, but back to how we started, businesses don't grow naturally. That's why we're making it really easy to do something (that's also instant and free). Start a conversation with us about your growth challenges and possible solutions.

Call 1300 N REACH (1300 6 73224) or book here to spring into action.

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