We've had our head in the clouds for 5 years

​This week marks our 5th year anniversary at Within Reach Software, and consequently 5 years of providing software based solutions to our clients, without the need for servers.

Firstly we thank all of our customers for your support over this time, it has been our pleasure to serve you.

For those that have been with us since the early days we thought it timely to take a trip down memory lane to look at the evolution of office 365 as an example of one of the cloud services that we offer.

From BPOS to Office 365

Casting our mind back to 2009 we became Telstra partner number 22 to offer online services.

Microsoft had launched their first software as a service offering as Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS) comprising Exchange, SharePoint, Live Meeting and Office Communications Online.

Customer benefits

For those customers that started the cloud journey early, we are pleased to report that the office 365 service has lived up to its promise. For 5 years there has been no need to worry about server management, server patching, email backups, hardware failures, virus protection or rising amounts of spam arriving in your mailboxes.

However, without needing to make any incremental investment all early adopters have enjoyed the following inherent benefits of Software as a Service.

If you haven't made the move to Software as a Service, think about the total cost of your email and file servers over the past 5 years and ask yourself if you have enjoyed the same scorecard.

The cloud space for email and collaboration is safe and mature and will continue to get even better over the next 5 years.

Read more about our Office 365 services and Success Stories here​.

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