Find some samples of our success with clients who needed to engage people to do their best work every day

St Catherines School Intranet/Extranet

Parents are time poor. They don't have time to scour a website for the information they need to complete a task.


This portal provides an 'App Store' for parents to get straight to what they need in 1 click. It also integrates with Edumate to populate class memberships, results, absences and other student information.

Students and parents get news through a digital news letter that is constructed from intranet content and distributed to several thousand recipients using iContact.

Students and staff stay informed through a daily digest which is personalized to the individual based on the year group, interests and memberships,

Citi Bank Newsletter

Citi Bank required a newsletter solution to standardize their internal outbound communication, and aid their communications team with content production.


The solution was to provide a HTML template and toolset to construct, edit and distribute news via visually appealing email, which in turn would drive traffic to their intranet.

The newsletter solution embedded within their intranet achieves productivity with simple steps to construct and send the weekly newsletter.

Content is repurposed, so that the same content appears in the newsletter and on the intranet, avoiding doubling up the work, and avoiding discrepancies between communication channels.

The Humour Foundation Intranet

The Humour Foundation required an intranet to improve the communication with performers located across the country.


They also needed an intranet that was compatible with their culture and mission which is to reduce tension through humour.  Not typically the fist though people have about intranets!


In addition to that, they needed an App to help performers to create invoices from anywhere on any device and to automate the approval workflow payment and reporting around that.

The result achieved for the Humour Foundation is a huge reduction in administrative time and overhead, accurate and real time reporting and the ability to nurture their performer community in one place, even though physically they are geographically dispursed.

Goal Huddle Strategic Planning App

Goal Huddle is a SharePoint App that is used to manage strategic plans.  It is popular with government agencies, schools, health facilities, and corporations.

Goal Huddle can save many man days of effort compiling board reports, as all the information is available all of the time.

Goal Huddle allows strategies to be cascaded through an organisation and then tracks progress against milestones using dashboards and alerts to provide early warning if execution of the strategic plan is veering off track.

To support board meetings and periodic reviews there is reporting and the ability to freeze the plan to allow time for documents to be distributed prior to review.

Gadens Website and Event Management Platform

As a top 10 law firm gadens needed a website that was reflective of its culture and where non-technical staff  could post articles with ease.

This site is integrated to Microsoft Dynamics for subscription management, and event management, ensuring that customers can RSVP for any of the 200+ events that gadens hosts each year.

The site syndicates content through feeds to other major legal publications sites so that once an article is published it is availble to a wide readership.


AGnVet required an intranet that was available from anywhere in any device with good performance over slow netowrk links.

The starting point was SharePoint Online as a component of their Office 365 subscription.

We delivered a fully branded solution that had a bespoke user experience, representing each component of the intranet as an app with a mobile/tablet style interface.

A comprehensive permission management approach ensured staff in one location or division had visibility to that area and were not lost amongst the weatlh of information being managed overall.

Cadence & Co

Cadence & Co required an intranet to improve their document sharing with the staff.


With SharePoint Online they are now able to not only better distribute their documents but also have much better auditability and compliance.

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